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[IP] RE: Problems with Sof-Sets

> Hi Friends,
> My daughter, Eileen is into her 2nd month of pumping. So far, we are loving 
> it. It really is much better than injections.
> I have some problems with the sofsets (micros). After the second day, she 
> starts getting unexplained high´s. Sometimes I remove the infusion set and 
> the plastic cannula is bent somewhat sideways. Is this normal? Also she has 
> some tape allergies and have asked for samples from MM to try others.
> What is the maximum amount that can be primed on a MM508- When I change 
> infusion sets I was told to prime 5,0 or until I saw a drop coming out of 
> the inserter needle. When I get to 4.5 my pump won´t go farther than that, 
> it goes bak to 0 again. Am I doing something wrong?
> Thanks for responding,
> Yvonne
> eileen´s mom, pumping for 2 months!

Hello Yvonne--

I've been using the Sof-Sets and the Sils.  I like them both.  Anyway,
whenever I remove the Sof-Set is is always somewhat bent.  Its not bent
90 degrees, but never the less it is slightly bent.  I have good
absorption with Sof-Sets .  The problem with the Prime on your 508. The
maximum prime will be the same as the maximum bolus which you have set
under Set Up II.  Your max prime is only 4.5 units since that is the way
you have it set for the maximum bolus.

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