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Re: [IP] missing out?

In a message dated 09/13/2000 6:48:28 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> ya know, I have never woken up in an ambulance with some 
>  hunky, broad shouldered fireman sitting next to me, gently holding my hand 
>  and looking deeply into my eyes...

i have many, MANY times sara.        as for holding your hand, though, 
they're also asking "what day is it?    who is the president?      what's 
your social security number?"     it's not easy to answer those questions 
with a blood sugar reading just coming up from 19!!      lol          one 
firefighter always gave me hints since he knew i'd eventually be just fine, 
i.e. "what day is it?"     he'd say "hey bob....who's playing in the game 
tonight?"      i knew it wasn't a weekend since my husband was at work, so 
that made me realize it must be monday night football night.          gotta 
tell you, though..........he was GORGEOUS!!      i remember my daughters 
friends asking if "the hunky one was there this time".       lol        don't 
ever stop laughing!!!

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