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[IP] Problems pumping

I think that out of 2,600+ people on the list take a look at how many QUIT 
using the pump.  (wow, anybody want to figure out the equation of our 
membership curve?  I'm too many years out of school but it would be 

I remember when I first went on 20 years ago that one of the other pumpers 
quit his pump due to pyschological reasons (and his wife was a shrink!) 
because he couldn't deal with being attached to a machine 24/7.  This was 
after he survived a heart attack which his doctors say was only through 
control he had acheived using a pump (and pumps back then had one basal rate, 
no temporary anything and the only way to give a square wave bolus was to 
change your basal rate for the hour or so you wanted to (with the turn of a 
little screw) (the cute keychain screwdriver that went with this I would give 
anything to know what I did with).

Anyway: yes there are a lot of ups and downs to pumping. Yes there are a lot 
of questions and taping and bolusing and profiling humps to get over.  Yes 
there are a lot of days that you wonder why......  But compared to MDI there 
is NO WAY that most of us would go back.

I never really understood what extra motivation it would take to be on a pump 
than on MDI.  You are taking the same number of blood tests the same dr visits 
the same precautions, just you don't stick yourself five times a day and you 
get more freedom in the timing department than you ever could have imagined 
before hand.

You won't be able to pry my pump off of me because its been attached so long 
that I think it'll follow me even without the catheter attached (although a 
few months ago I forgot to reconnect after a shower and discovered at dinner 
when I went to bolus that the silly thing DIDN'T follow me everywhere without 
the tubing.  Go figure).


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