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[IP] bubbles update

Thank you all for your ideas.
I do not refrigerate my currently in use bottle of humalog, so it isn't 
because of being cold.  I always kept it in my purse for the month i was 
using it when taking shots and never had a problem >>>an fyi for those of you 
who may be about to yell at me for that.
I did fix my cartridge and let it sit for 2 hrs before using it just in case, 
and the bigger bubble waited and showed up again the next day.  I am still 
wearing my pump upside down but am frustrated.
I am really thinking I am going to go with the Dtron when it comes out just 
because of the possibility of prefilled cartridges.  That is the only part of 
the pump stuff that i absolutely hate.
diagnosed 9-81
new pumper!!
started 8-21-2000
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