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email @ redacted writes:

<< Ok everyone!  What happens when I start the pump next week?
 Let us say I have followed my usual and customary regimen using 25 U
 of R and 10 NPH at breakfast, 20 R at lunch and 25 R at dinner then 45
 U of NPH at bedtime.  What will happen when I get hooked up at 2 pm
 that day?  How will I know how much Insulin I must take or NOT take
 due to the previous days series of injections.  Is there anything such
 as a 'washout' time before starting the pump.  Should I anticipate any
 real lows, highs(but then I have highs all the time).  Just multiple
 questions that are now flooding my little brain.  Can't keep calling
 the CDE's and my peer group of fellow docs for information.  They are
 beginning to question my medical abilities at this time : )
 I am questioning my abilities!  Hey!  Endo is not my specialty.
 Lurline >>
My endo had me take 1/2 my dose of humulin U the night before
I started on insulin in the pump.

    There's nothing stronger than gentleness.
                                              -- John Wooden
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