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[IP] Testing @ school

My son, Andrew, has just started afternoon Kindergarten and I am still
working out the kinks. I'm looking for some ideas on how other parents
handle things at school. We are setting up a 504 next week and I'm still
not sure what to expect/request/demand. : )

He has been on the Disetronic pump for 1 yr. They have hired an LPN
full-time to test Andrew and another child (in their classrooms) so we
are very fortunate in that respect. 

Here are a few questions:

Is it too much to ask that they call me after each blood test? (He only
has one since he's only there 1.5 hrs.)
Where do you have you child's extra supplies? classroom? office?
What about recess? 
Am I forgetting anything?????? 

He was dx@ 14 mo. and I have a home daycare so I have been dealing w/
this for quite a while. I must admit I'm having trouble letting go! : )
I'm finding it hard to let go.....

Please email me @ email @ redacted

Thanks a million! Cari 
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