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Re: [IP] Re: Black and White of pumping...


Sherry Compton wrote:
> Jim, I don't think that anyone out there thinks it IS black or white. I saw a post > where a person asked if it was even worth the trouble of getting a pump, because
> all they heard about here were the problems associated with them.  I think that we > then tried to assure them that it was worth it.  You must agree because you are
> using one, right? I've only been on mine for one month, so maybe I am not as
> qualified to talk about the pros and cons.  I do know that for me, it is
> definitely worth it.  My control hasn't gotten a lot better yet, although I do
> have very few 300's and 400's.  But to me, it's the flexibility.

In some ways you are probably in a better position to talk about the
pros and cons because you are still closer to the most difficult part of
it.... STARTING.

Yes I am using a pump, though I was lucky (or unlucky) to not really see
much difference in my personal flexibility.  

> I feel like I can do more things and decide things on the spur of the moment.  I
> don't have to whip out a syringe at a friend's house, then worry about where to
> dispose of it. Or worry about a security guard at the courthouse detaining me for > having "drug paraphenalia" which  has happened before.  To me, it's the little
> things like temporary basals that make my life so much easier and more enjoyable.

Since I recycle syringes, I rarely worry about disposing it. To some my
decision to use the pump only for basal and use injected H for eating
and adjustments may seem strange.  For me H in the pump was unacceptable
and V or R didn't work fast enough for eating. 

(Though it was humorous watching the border guards trying to figure out
what to do, after I declared my syringes in 1969 when entering Sweden -
19 yr old Americans in a new car)

The unacceptable was having to change sets as often as H or H/V use
> I don't think that any of us here are saying the pump is perfect.  But should
> we be ashamed of saying we HAVEN'T had problems?  I think we should all vent
> and feel free to talk about them when we do, but I feel like you are mad at
> those of us who happen to prefer looking at the bright side of pumping.

The real shame is that there is shame about "what is going on" - either
positive or negative. 

I have personally heard comments (more than a few - email and f2f) about
not feeling safe discussing negative things or feelings related to

If we aren't exposed to the "tools" that others use in stressful
situations, we will be destined to re-invent the wheel when we get

> Sherry C.
> From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
> Installing flame guards as she types.

Want one of my spare sets of asbestos long underwear? :)

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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