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[IP] hooray for Minimed!

Hi Friends

After several problems with my batteries only lasting a week and some 
allergic problems to tape, I finally decided to give MM customer service a 
call, fearing the worst, because of all I had read here in the list about 
their service not being good.

The person who took my call was very nice and attentive. Her name is Brenda. 
They are sending me new batteries and samples of different tapes and other 
infusion sets. They are also sending me a product called Bard which is 
supposed to make everything stick better to the skin, itīs like a second 
skin. Everything will be received TOMORROW!

I have no complaint whatsoever either with their training personnel or their 
customer serv. THUMBS UP FOR MINIMED!!

For some people who have written the list saying they are not sure about 
pumping because of all the problems they have read here, I just have to say 
Give it a try! Iīm sure you wonīt regret it. I have had my share of problems 
with infustion sets, batteries, etc. but it isnīt perfect. My daughter is 
only 12 and she loves it, wouldnīt go back to injections if she can help it. 
I as a mother, feel much more confident and her bgīs have been much more 
stabler. Still tuning basals, etc, as we are only into our 2nd month, but it 
is worth it.

Eileenīs mom
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