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[IP] Pish POsh

>  while I can understand you have the feelings of being deprived 
>  from a normal life with the curse of diabetes 

would you be so kinda as to point out where in my post that I express that 
diabetes deprives me of a normal life and where exactly I call diabetes a 
curse?  I can't stand it when people think they are being deprived - of 
anything.  Life is not fair....I can't afford to see the Lion King...am I 
being deprived?  no.  S**t happens and you have to get on with it...I am not 
deprived and I won't let some pesky "condition" or "disease" like diabetes 
control my life!

I do NOT have a "pish posh" attitude about diabetes!   I stay on top of MY 
diabetes IN ORDER that I don't HAVE to worry about it 24/7.  And no, I would 
never try to, as you write:
"convince this board with it's [sic] positive attitudes about pump control or 
yourself, that it is not going to rule your life and that it is only 

All of my posts are MY own experiences and feeling and opinions ONLY...I 
don't have to convince anyone...least of all myself, of anything related to 
diabetes.  Except maybe a few of those naysayers who believe it is ok to 
drive a car without testing their bg first...but that is a different 

I am sorry you don't consider yourself as "brave" as me.  There is nothing 
"brave" about my attitude.  It is just a FACT that you can NOT prevent 
complications.  You can only delay them.  You may be lucky and be able to 
delay them for 50 years, and I sure hope you are, but every single time your 
bg goes over whatever they consider normal these days...you do damage.  I am 
not gonna live my life in FEAR of losing my sight or having a kidney 
transplat or whatever might befall me.  I have retinopathy as a result of my 
negligent attitude for the first 17 years of being a diabetic.  HOPEFULLY it 
won't get worse, but I can't undo those naughty yars by spending the rest of 
my life in a padded cell.

I had a doctor tell me once that I should not jump on the trampoline, since i 
had borken my leg on it...they were dangerous...then another doctor told me 
the same thing when i broke my other leg skiing... now I am waiting for one 
to tell me I should never visit my sister cuz I am allergic to her cat, or I 
should never go shopping cuz annoying clerks drive me to madness.  
Please...if I wanted to live in a little white padded cell, I am sure there 
are any number of people who would like to help me get there...

I do my best to maintain my bg in the 100-150 range, and I can eat Ben and 
Jerrys and NOT have my bg go much above that, and I can ALWAYS get it back 
down if it does go higher than that.  If you know how to bolus for it, why 
should you not be able to eat something...why would ice cream be any 
different than chinese food or pizza or movie theatre popcorn????  If B&J 
isn't to your taste, and thank you for negating my personal opinion that it 
IS wonderful, then choose somethng else you deny yourself in order to 
maintain your perfect control.  That is why this is America!!  We have the 
freedom to do what we want!!!

Diabetes sucks.  Period.  but I sure don't consider it a "devil" to be 
banished by never living a life of sin, and I sure don't take care of myself 
for anyone else, like family or friends.  If I can't be "convinced" to do 
tests and take boluses for myself, then no one else can motivate me.  

pish posh...indeed...

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