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Re: [IP] Top 10 Reasons to Pump

> Are there any people who don't have problems with the pump?
> Here I am about to start next week and I see all the problems and wonder
if it is
> worth it.  Afterall, it is very easy just to give your self a stick and
> Lurline


Sammi here - stats below:

Pumping 1 year (& 3 weeks!)
Disetronic H-Tronplus v100
Infusion set - Tenders (tried Rapids, like these much better)

In that year:
Approx. # set changes - between 90 & 100
Set problems (major) - 0
Site infections - 0
Extra tape required for sets - none
"Kinky canulas" - 1
"Gusher" effects upon removal - 1
Set removing itself - 1
Unexplained alarms - 0
Mechanical failures - 0
ER visits - 0
Insurance problems - 0  (Initially we thought I would have to pay 20% - a
bit over $1000. - which I would've found a way somehow to do...turned out
the insurance was better than I had thought, & my two D pumps, startup
materials, two night hospital stay - my endo is very cautious-, training,
etc, cost me a grand total of $134.40!  In the year since I've had to make
one payment for my supplies - $164.00)
Personal schedule - VERY erratic
Job - high energy, demanding
Greatest difficulty - specific carb counting (although the "approximation
system" I operate under seems to be garnering good results!)
Lows at night - not anymore!!  :)
Healthy energy - like you wouldn't believe!

Given the few problems in the close to 400 days I've been pumping - I'd say
that this has been one of the smoothest, easiest thing I've ever
transitioned (transisted?)...moved into doing!  Yes, you are going to read
of people's problems on here - not because they are a constant, overwhelming
kind of thing, but because this is the best place in the world to find to
find someone who has "been there" & can offer ideas or advice.  Most of us
don't address the everyday joy of being healthier, the day-to-day pleasure
of feeling better because we CAN - because it really is easier for us.  No,
I'm not speaking for everyone, & I know that some people on the list have
had far more than their fair share of difficulties - but in the long run,
the number of success stories seems to far outweigh the ones that find it
more difficult than MDI.  And for me personally, the fact that when I'm
looking at fluctuating numbers now, that range has narrowed so much ("high"
now means over 200...as opposed to over 400 - THAT'S a wonderful thing!!!),
tells me that the difference in my day-to-day health is amazing!

Don't let the problem stories discourage you - yes, there are struggles at
times with learning a new system & getting the bugs worked out - that's true
with anything.  The bottom line is, if you took a poll, I think from what I
read here that the majority of pumpers (at least those whose voices we hear
a lot) agree with the statement that (is this a SaraSP quote?) in order to
take my pump away, they'll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands!


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