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Re: [IP] Are we more prone to boils and absecets...

In a message dated 09/11/2000 7:21:49 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I have just got out of the hospital for having an boil like abcest the 
size of a golf ball lanced from my vagina........and the doctor said this 
happens to diabetics........has this ever happened to anyone or just 
 Tracey Scott >>

Oh, this brings back the most horrid memory.  I went to an Urgent Care with 
this problem, about 1986.  Apparently there are ducts in the vagina that can 
clog and cause this type of infection, they told me then but I don't remember 
what they are called.

The doctor lanced it and packed it with gauze right there in the Urgent Care. 
 The pain was excrutiating and my screams literally emptied the waiting room 
of patients. He used a topical numbing stuff that did nothing.

I was crying hysterically while paying, on my way out the receptionist let me 
know that she had had to have the same procedure done recently, but her 
doctor put her in the hospital under anesthesia.

I think diabetics are under greater risks for this infection and any other 
happening.  The excess sugar makes the perfect environment for the germs to 
grow in.  Haven't had this happen again, thank goodness!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery,
IDDM 20 yrs, pumping 4 yrs
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