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[IP] Not having pump probs..not such a long 4 yrs

I can't remember who started the original post, but I
felt I better respond.
 Some people were offended by my complaining about the
pump, I'm not sorry, I do brag about the good things
to, but I wouldn't ever want any patients of mine
(when I'm a doc) to have the problems that I have had.
I think knowledge is key, and I know personally before
I buy any other "serious" product, next time I will
contact organizations and find out the real facts, not
just the video.
 It's possible not to have pumping probs, and most
likely you won't. Even after having probs, I still
like my pump. WEll, at least I like the idea of pump
therapy, and the fact my a1cs are now consistently at
 As for "being stuck with the decision for 4 years",
wrong! I believed this for a year, and then after
talking wtih my endo, the companies, and insurance, if
the endo has sound evidence of why one product is
better for you than another, IE hospitalizations, then
(at least my insuarnce..my dad dealt with this so I am
only saying hwat he told me), but for Aetna which is
what I have, with the doc's order, specifically saying
which product to use/discontinue use, they will
approve it. I'm in this process right now, and am
thanking God I finally have a great endo. I thought
for the longest time you were stuck with your
decision, and in general, YES, you are, but I think
after going through a certain number of pumps and a
few other facts, insurance considers how they could
save $ elsewhere. 
 That's just worst case scenario. I'd imagine at least
9/10 of pumpers don't have any problems. But it is
good to know that you do have options even when things
get so awful you want off hte pump:-).
 Pumping is great, or so most folks will tell you. The
freedom you gain is amazing! And the improved control
is something that at times you felt was impossible.
The problems may be big or absent totally, but even so
you always have the "freedom" to remind you how the
pump has changed your life.

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