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Re: [IP] boily boobies?

NYC Sara SP wrote:

>>Now, we may be more susceptible to fibrocystic whatever that is, where we
benign lumps IN our breasts (this by the way is VERY heridtary, is NOT a
promblem for most people and can be lessened by avoiding chocolate and
caffeine....needless to say....I have it....), but BOILS????  abscess
(plural) on our boobs?  geez louise...what next, callouses on our noses?<<

I'm with you Sara.  While I do have fibrocystic breasts I've never had a
boil on my breasts or anywhere!  After having a couple cysts taken care of,
I cut down on caffeine (was drinking a 12-pack of diet coke per day) and
have had no more problems.  I still eat chocolate though, sheesh, what would
we do without chocolate, it's a woman's best friend! *grin*  I've had D for
37 years and I'm amazed at all the horrible things I hear I should have (and
don't) because of it.

RoseLea and Max...

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