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I do a lot of carb counting guesstimates when eating out.  I've been pumping
for 4 months and am getting better and better at it.  I think since you
measure a lot at home, you can try to visualize what you measure at home
when you're eating out.  That works a lot for me.  For instance, at home I
know how much I figure carbwise for *my* standard serving of pasta, so when
I eat out I try to visualize *my* standard serving size and figure from
there.  It will take some practice and you can get a travel scale if you
feel more comfortable with that, but you'll get the hang of it in time.  It
just takes practice.  And, the nice thing with pumping, if you make a
mistake, it's easy to fix later.  If you're worried about lows, you could be
more conservative in your guesstimates in the beginning.  Just remember to
test before and after a meal, you'll learn it quickly.  Good luck.  :o)

RoseLea and Max...

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