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Re: [IP] SofSerter

Actually, when I said I didn't want to waste sets, I was talking about
inserting a new Comfort set when the first one bleeds.  I really haven't had
too many problems with bent cannulas on the Softsets (only a few in my 6
years with Softsets).

The only reason I was trying something new was trouble with tape.  I have
seen some great ideas on this list (and tried a bunch of them!), but my endo
said that I might want to try the Comfort/Tender/Sil to see if they would
work better.

If I end up going back to the Softsets, I'll probably try to find a
Sofserter.  I tend to insert pretty slow, so it would probably be good for


>Dan Bergan wrote:
>> I really like the ease of detatching, and inserting the Comfort is much
>> better for me than the Softset (I never had a Softserter -- actually I
>> never even heard of it before being on this list).  But, I don't want to
>> keep wasting sets, and I would prefer to minimize the number of times
>> I have to poke myself! :-)
>The reason you were wasting sets (bent cannulas) was because you were not
>using a SofSerter. Manual insertion, as rapid as it may be, is not the same
>as the instant-action of the straight-forward SofSerter. If anyone is
>problems with bent SofSets, call MiniMed and explain. They may send you a
>FREE SofSerter.
>I like the comparison someone gave that brooms were made before vacuums.
>Fingers were also made before forks. ܰ  I like the SofSerter.
>Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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