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Re: [IP]"Diabetic Pumps"

> Michele Fast wrote:
> > However, I am concerned due to the earlier posts regarding
> > pumps"...what is the proper diagnostic tool?  I'd hate for
complications to
> > occur, especially the dreaded RENO failure Sara SP describes...8-)
> Please, oh PLEASE no RENO failures!!!!!!   I've got too much to do,
> too much to live for -- what would I do without my home town?????
> Chuckles,
>  ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c- ._c-
>  Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
>  Type Weird, pumping!
>  mailto:email @ redacted
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>                               (
>  Can YOU find the ugly duckling? (Hint: it ain't the pumperduck!)
Can you get a pump to take an A1c or a FBG? ;>}

Seriously(???) I just got the results of my C-peptide. It was 0.3. HMO
insisted I needed below 0.5 to have MediCare pay for pump supplies
that they were already paying for for over a year. I guess I am still
a type wierd as at age 67 I legally became a Juvenile Onset Diabetic.

Before anyone says honeymoon or sulph burnout, remember I was
diagnosed in 1955 and took no medications until I went on insulin in

Now I can cost my HMO even more money than before.

Pumping away,

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