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Re: [IP] Customer Service? Reliability?

Gary asked:

>>But, which company
gives the best customer support, MiniMed or Disetronics? Is either pump
more prone to problems or found to be difficult to use?  Please let me
know if you have strong feelings on these issues.<<

Gary, IMO both pump companies are good, and there's a new one now, Animas.
I have a Disetronic and am very happy with my choice, my rep has been great
and has sent me cases with no charge, all I do is call him and ask.  :o)
I've had no problems with my pump in the 4 months I've been pumping.  I
can't speak for the other pumps or companies since I've not dealt with them,
but I know lots of pumpers who use MM and Disetronic pumps and they're all
good. You just need to look at the options of each pump and decide what will
work best for you.  Get all the companies' brochures and videos and look at
them all, visit all the companies' websites and talk to all the reps.  That
way you can make an informed decision.  Good luck.

RoseLea and Max...

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