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Re: [IP] More Silhouette Questions

At 08:55 AM 09/13/00 Alecia Wesner wrote:
 >I put IV3000 over the Sil the first few times I did
 >anything involving a lot of activity (mostly
 >paranoia)... Now, with out IV3000, I find that the Sil
 >sticks to me like Super Glue!  Occasionally I'll put a
 >little sliver of IV3000 over the "window" on the Sil
 >on the third day of a sight (I change every three days

The way I was taught is to use IV-prep, put down the IV3000 and then just 
poke the Sil straight through it. I find that it sticks down just fine 
right on top. I think the logic was to keep as much of the area around the 
infusion site clean as possible. I don't know if this step is really 
necessary, but I've been doing it this way for a couple of few years.


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