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[IP] No Problem? HA! (was No Problem)

I have been using the MM507C since 12/29/98 and while I would NOT
relinquish it except for a CURE....there ARE problems I have
experienced.  I had skipping screens which MM did repair...and I had a
loaner pump in the meantime.  I have no problem with MM!

However...if you will read the PUMPING INSULIN book...it does warn some
folks about hypoglycemia unawareness and pumping.
I personally have experienced MORE LOW BLOOD sugars on the pump than in
the previous 42 years MDI!  I even had one recently in which I became
unconscious and was found in this condition when my husband arrived home
from work!  He was unable to arouse me
which necessitated a Glucagon injection.  VERY FRIGHTENING!!!  

Well...you advice...your basal are NOT set correctly.  Well...I say...a
.1 lowering results in HIGH BG's.  Or...your bolus is incorrect.
Adjusting the bolus results in HIGH bg's.
(I have eight basal profiles at the moment)
The pump as protrayed in the MM video is for me a very rosy picture...I
have to work very hard at maintaining good A1c's...and they have been
good.  But life has been difficult on the pump!!!
Would I advise NO PUMP?  No...but I would suggest reading the Pumping
Insulin book and using this wonderful list as you learn to live with the

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957 - MM507C since 12/29/98

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