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[IP] RE: Any Who Don't Have Problems with Pump

> Are there any people who don't have problems with the pump?
> Here I am about to start next week and I see all the problems and
> wonder if it is
> worth it.

You need to remember that there are 2,000+(?) participants in this
list.  Nearly all of the postings are for when things go wrong.  You
will rarely see, accept for the occasional HbA1c reports, of when things
are going well.  I could probsbly start posting '15,412 consecutive days
without a problem' (or whatver) and keep a runing count of consecutive
no pump problem days.  I think the list would get pretty overcrowded
very quickly.  I personally think that the small number of pump problems
that are posted (all 3 pumps) is really amazing.  See how many problems
they have with cars, or tires and compare.  Most of the problems I see
posted are dm and insurance related, which will be there whether you use
a pump or not.

For me, it's worth it.  YMMV
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
God is subtle, but he is not malicious.
 - Albert Einstein.

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