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Re: [IP] a1c and complications and life in general

<original post>
<sara: while I can understand you have the feelings of being deprived
from a normal life with the curse of diabetes your"pish posh it is only
diabetes "leads me to ask you, are you trying to convince  this board
with it's positive attitudes about pump control or yourself, that it is
not going to rule your life and that it is only DIABETES...." I for one
am not as brave as you and I cherish being able to still use my eyes and
be free from the shackles of a kidney machine. I will forego the Ben and
Jerry's and try to learn to live with the "devil"disease as best as I
can for love of my family and friends that ask me to fight for my
life.besides Ben and Jerry's isn't that good.......nannaedy @aol.com>

I'm sure that Sara can speak very well for herself (the understatement
of the year!), but since she's travelling...
I think she was trying to say that she takes control of her diabetes,
but enjoys life as well--and isn't overly worried about an occasional
high blood sugar, etc. I think we need to remember that anyone who is on
a pump is automatically very likely to be more motivated to control our
diabetes, or we wouldn't go through all the hassle! (yes, I know this is
a generalization, but largely true). I don't think Sara or any of us
have a "devil may care" attitude about the disease or its consequences,
BUT the good news is that with the pump we CAN occasionally splurge,
bolus for it, and not feel "guilty." (And frankly, it's a lot more
predictable for me to bolus for ice cream than for other foods like

As a diabetic for 35 years, who was trying (and usually failing) to
control my blood sugars for15 years using those horrid urine tests, I've
had my share of complications--severe damage to both eyes, Charcot foot,
neuropathy, frozen shoulder, and major nerve damage to both
hands/wrists/arms due to a complication from surgery that was "probably"
caused by diabetes (though no one knows how!). So I'm not
underestimating the disease. But I think Sara's attitude (within
limits!) is refreshing. We're human beings, and we need to enjoy and
appreciate life--all the while taking the best care we can of our
diabetes. The fact is, my diabetic doctor told me in 1980 when I almost
went blind that he didn't understand why this happened to me, since I
took the best care of my diabetes of any of his patients.

So here's to that occasional Ben and Jerrys! (or for me, the more
predictable Breyers chocolate mint chip ice cream!)



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