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Re: [IP] boily parts

> Now, we may be more susceptible to fibrocystic whatever that is, where we
> benign lumps IN our breasts

I have lumpy inner boobs too and have never heard a reference to my diabetes
when in the stirrups luckily (altho last weeks "nice uterus position,
anterior, palpable, very good" did freak me out a little as it was a weird

When I had a two year frequent reccurance of infected (ouchie!) sebaceous
cysts on my ears and scalp, even my GP and plastic surgeon who fixed my very
lumpy ears and neck never mentioned that skin lumps and infections were more
common in diabetics. I seem to have a constant battle with sebaceous cysts,
even since going on a pump, I still get them, but they've not tried to turn
into third ears or another head recently. I now keep my hair ultra short to
aviod hair touching my lump-prone parts but I doubt diabetes markedly
increases the riskof anything going lumpy and should not be associated with
all the things that can go weird on a person:)

Some Dr's simply like to blame diabetes for everything, luckily I've found
Dr's who recognize diabetes is just part of my total health package.


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