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Re: [IP] It's not as black and white as we want to believe

In a message dated 9/13/00 1:11:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Am I that unusual to have only had 1 personally unremediable problem in 
 35 years?  And I know why it happened - (first injection 5 or 6 hours late
 followed by second at normal time after 2 to 3 hours body-surfing during the 
 and vollyball after dinner)  >>


Speaking for myself I have been taken to ER. Once when I was trying to get 
pregnant (probably was pregnant because I miscarried very early next month) 
and another time  trying to keep bg in line to get pregnant (might have been 
maybe not). Totally unconscious. Hormones wreak havok and mine did - 
especially during MY first trimester. While pregnant with my son, I passed 
out once with low bg but didn't require ER. Another time while pregnant bg 
were so low my legs gave out. I took a month leave from work, needless to 
say. I WAS NOT pumping.

I'm thinking this would be much less likely with a pump. 

Beth (&Oscar)
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