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[IP] boily boobies?

Dee Dee wrote
>a nurse practitioner saw me.  While examining my breasts 
> she make the statement that I have nice breasts for being diabetic 
>  went on the explain to me that diabetics will often get boils.  

Please oh please someone tell me this is an old wives tales.  I mean my FIRST 
warning is that this was NOT a doctor, or even an RN, but a nurse practioner, 
which to give them credit are usually great knowledgeable people...but this 
sounds like Hillbilly Hog wash to me!

Now, we may be more susceptible to fibrocystic whatever that is, where we get 
benign lumps IN our breasts (this by the way is VERY heridtary, is NOT a 
promblem for most people and can be lessened by avoiding chocolate and 
caffeine....needless to say....I have it....), but BOILS????  abscess 
(plural) on our boobs?  geez louise...what next, callouses on our noses?


NYC Sara Smartie Pants, Southern Belle By Birth and Boiless Boobies 

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