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Re: [IP] Starting Pump

> Ok everyone!  What happens when I start the pump next week?
> Let us say I have followed my usual and customary regimen using 25 U
> of R and 10 NPH at breakfast, 20 R at lunch and 25 R at dinner then
> 45 U of NPH at bedtime.  What will happen when I get hooked up at 2
> pm that day?  
Your doc will probably tell you to skip your NPH and cover with R 
instead starting at bedtime (means getting up in the middle of the 
night for a shot). It will take some additional time, maybe as much 
as a week, to purge all the NPH from your system. Most of it will be 
gone right away -- just some residual effects for a few days. Your 
CDE and/or doc should be able to tell you how to split your NPH dose 
into R doses for the final day.

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