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Re: [IP] Hardness @ old pump site?

> <snip> The site I had
> changed from yesterday is still a bit red, and there is a small
> swollen spot where the cannula sat in? First time I have seen this. 
> It seems tender as well.  Infection? Or will it just go down in
> time? He is not bothered really by it, I am more.  What can I do?

Any indication of infection at the infusion site is NOT to be taken 
lightly. As you can see from the post yesterday, it can become 
serious quickly. 

Our doc's advice on this matter was to apply a hot compress twice a 
day and a topical antibiotic. If it does not get better immediately, 
then see a doc ALSO immediately. 99% of the time the hot compresses 
seem to resolve the problem. The appearance of unusual reddness and 
irritation has only happened to my daughter maybe 3 -4 times in 6 
years and has always gotten better right away and cleared up in a day 
or two.

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