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> Carb counting seems to be very important in the use of the pump.  I
> certainly can count each and every carb that I prepare at home.  I
> measure, weigh and estimate.  The question is... how do you do this
> in a restaurant?  I know the hand size=3 oz thing but what about a
> pasta dish that is of mixed carbs.  What about all the other stuff. 
> It has been so many years since I have eaten regular food in any
> appreciable quantity that I am afraid I will have lows just to begin
> with. Any advice? Lurline

Don't worry too much. After you do this for a while, you can pretty 
much guess carbs by inspection. Pasta is pretty standard for a given 
volume measurement no matter what kind of noodle or shell is 
prepared. Most sauces are also pretty standard. Just figure out what 
portion you normally eat and look a the carbs on a jar of sauce. This 
is a good starting point. My daughter boluses as she grazes at dinner 
out, then checks after an hour or so and makes an adjustment. She 
knows she should be a little above normal bg level at the one hour 
point and will tweak her bolus/basal as necessary to accomodate for 
unexpected differences. If she's way off and getting low, then a 
little glucose will usually fix the problem.

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