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Re: [IP] Before/After A1C charts

> Michael,
> Recently you gave the link to the "statistics" of A1Cs before and
> after the pump.
> I looked at the charts for a long time and the numbers and curves
> themselves bothered me.  The bother was a couple of theings
> especially the best before and after.  I wonder why there is such a
> big disparity in the number of reports for both 4?? vs 2?? and the
> fact that the curve drops abruptly at about the 8 range.

The curves are simple smoothed averages of what has been reported by 
the list members. The algorithm does the following

disgards values below 3 as bogus
disgards values above 30 as bogus
disgards the highest and lowest 5% of submissions so as not to skew 
   the data because of anomalous outband data
smooths the data using the nearest 4 readings above and below to 
   avoid a jagged graph

ALL PUMPERS are encouraged to submit data on the 
Insulin Pumpers Information Form -- button on the MEMBERS ONLY page.

The more information we can collect, the better the data will be. If 
you have already submitted information, but it's been a while, please 
update your information or submit a new form.

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