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Re: [IP] Starting Pump


I was using U right before starting on the pump.  What I did was to stop
the U about 2 days before "start up" and used only R in multiple injections
during the day/night....

If you are not aware of your personal duration/effect of R, this may be
risky to attempt.....

I had zero long acting carry over problems...

Jim S.
email @ redacted

email @ redacted wrote:

> Ok everyone!  What happens when I start the pump next week?
> Let us say I have followed my usual and customary regimen using 25 U
> of R and 10 NPH at breakfast, 20 R at lunch and 25 R at dinner then 45
> U of NPH at bedtime.  What will happen when I get hooked up at 2 pm
> that day?  How will I know how much Insulin I must take or NOT take
> due to the previous days series of injections.  Is there anything such
> as a 'washout' time before starting the pump.  Should I anticipate any
> real lows, highs(but then I have highs all the time).  Just multiple
> questions that are now flooding my little brain.  Can't keep calling
> the CDE's and my peer group of fellow docs for information.  They are
> beginning to question my medical abilities at this time : )
> I am questioning my abilities!  Hey!  Endo is not my specialty.
> Lurline

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