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[IP] It's not as black and white as we want to believe


Jennifer Sutherland wrote:

> It may be very easy to give yourself a 'stick' and run, but the constant
> having to snack and eat to "feed" the insulin is part of the main problem.

I must come from a different planet than so many of the rest of you. Needing to
"feed" the insulin for me was a time ask the Dr. what can be done to modify the
regimen to fit into my life (and that for a lot of years wasn't the pump).

> Some folks cannot rely on a set schedule everyday and it's heck going to a
> dinner to make music, thinking that you too will be fed, but the "help"
> fends for themselves AFTER the dinner is finished........Meanwhile, your
> injection is bringing you lower, and lower, and lower.......

Thinking out loud..... When going to the pump there is a lot of time focused on
getting "fasting basals" correct.  No eating, no problem! (?)  And yet I have
never heard of people on MDI talking about a similar thing.

> On the pump I can now just carry on and bolus when I eat.

Thank you.  Light bulb just came on! Even before the pump I just carried on and
bolused when I ate.

> Only problem I had was I accidently cracked a glass cartridge and had a high
> bg----6 1/2 years ago!!  Another time, I placed my infusion set into scar
> tissue and my dogs woke me to a bg of 487...last year.

The only time since diagnosis that I have had a major DKA (? - to the point of
vomiting) problem was when on the pump (manufacturing tolerance problem) and I
(stupidly) took care of it myself using injected short acting insulin...

> I've pumped for 7 years and have had no unremediable problems with my pump.
> No ER, No EMS.

Am I that unusual to have only had 1 personally unremediable problem in almost
35 years?  And I know why it happened - (first injection 5 or 6 hours late
followed by second at normal time after 2 to 3 hours body-surfing during the day
and vollyball after dinner) Even on the pump adjustments would need made...  And
if anyone says "should have tested" - BG monitors didn't exist then....

I hope the people who have problems using the pump also have safe places to deal
with the feelings.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

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