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Re: [IP] Site change

Hello, fellow "burrito" here....no trouble with the tubing at all, as I tuck
it down the p.j.s.  I would say 1-2 mornings a month, you can afford 5
minutes to change your set.  If not, then the early afternoon when he comes
back from school is good.

Only main reason about the "not at bed" rule is if you hit scar tissue and
do not get good absorbtion, you'll be sleeping through a high, and possibly
get DKA.  I have done it before bed, and my dogs woke me about four hours
later with a 487 reading....only once.  Other times I've done a site change,
it's been within three hours before bed and I have had no prob with it.

Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.----With her "Hip-Hop" DEX and Desa.

when is the best time to do site changes and how long
> does it take once you learn how to do it?  There isn't much time to be
> extra duties on school mornings.  I've heard people say you shouldn't do
> at bedtime so when is the best time?  Also, he gets the sheets wrapped
> his body everynight -- looks like a burrito -- so is this going to be a
> problem with the tubing?
> Susan
> Grand-mom to Cory
> age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98

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