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[IP] More Silhouette Questions

<<<<<<From: email @ redacted (Matthew R
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 08:52:19 -0700 

     question is, does that little patch on the
Silhouette really hold it in 
     place, or do people use IV3K or something for
extra security.  Even though 
     the summer's almost over, I'm hoping to get the
site wet a few more times 
     (plus there's the _occasional_ shower over the
winter :-) ).  Thanks for 
     your help.
     Matt Blanchette>>>>>

I put IV3000 over the Sil the first few times I did
anything involving a lot of activity (mostly
paranoia)... Now, with out IV3000, I find that the Sil
sticks to me like Super Glue!  Occasionally I'll put a
little sliver of IV3000 over the "window" on the Sil
on the third day of a sight (I change every three days
).  I find that the window is the weakest spot on the
Sil.  Sometimes the the little hole in the window
where the catheter goes into the skin seems a little
stretched or frayed by day three so I use the IV3000
for my own peace of mind.  

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