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[IP] Returning to pumping

Recently on this list:
>>  I have also read many messages about how people quit pumping and later
went back to it.  That should tell us something..>>

I think most of the *former* pumpers who have returned, left some of those
*monster* styles - at least not as up-to-date as what we presently have. I
am using my 4th pump. Someone on another list asked how people can get pump
after pump after pump? I replied that I didn't think it was that way. My
first *monster* (size of a checkbook box) in '83 was used for 6 weeks until
I got #2 - the size of a king-size pack of cigarettes. It was quite updated.
It still delivered in whole units only, but could recall the last bolus, and
I could set a supplemental basal, and it had several alarms. I used it for 9
years. That company (CPI/Lilly) quit mfg. pumps so I went with a MM 506.
Quite a change delivering in 0.1u and other features. I used that for 6
years and now have a MM 507C. The only reason I went for that black monster
pump was because the newer, smaller one was being released.

So, those who left pumping a few years ago did not have the advantages of
the selection of infusion sets (we bent our own steel needles), 48 possible
basal rates, 0.1u delivery, watch-battery size power (compared to power
packs that had to be recharged daily), etc. Returning to pumping now is
quite different than what it was for most who left it.

Perhaps the returnees have found out pumping is much more sophisticated and
have come *home.* For me, it IS the way to deal with DM. Good wishes to all
the newbies and returning oldies.

My first *Monster* pump can be seen on me, accessed where it says PHOTOS on
my website. ܰ
Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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