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Re: [IP] Top 10 Reasons to Pump

It may be very easy to give yourself a 'stick' and run, but the constant
having to snack and eat to "feed" the insulin is part of the main problem.

Some folks cannot rely on a set schedule everyday and it's heck going to a
dinner to make music, thinking that you too will be fed, but the "help"
fends for themselves AFTER the dinner is finished........Meanwhile, your
injection is bringing you lower, and lower, and lower.......

On the pump I can now just carry on and bolus when I eat.

Only problem I had was I accidently cracked a glass cartridge and had a high
bg----6 1/2 years ago!!  Another time, I placed my infusion set into scar
tissue and my dogs woke me to a bg of 487...last year.

I've pumped for 7 years and have had no unremediable problems with my pump.
No ER, No EMS, No Infections 'down below' (a common ailment whist on MDI).

Give it a go! You just might LOVE it.
Pommy Mommy,
Jenny S.----With her bright blue "Hip-Hop" DEX!----and Desa.

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