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[IP] Low grade fever

From: "Handsfield, James H." <email @ redacted>
SNIP>>>>>>>Subject: RE: [IP] low grade fevers

Fran Baumgartner [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:
> I am 40.  What does fever have to do with menopause? 

Then Jim Wrote: 
I don't know -- it was just a thought based on the fact that imbalance of
hormones can do all sorts of strange things to the body.  Since Susan is
young (almost 23 from her response), that's an unlikely (although not
impossible) scenario.

Then Fran wrote:  > Gee's do I feel 
> stupid or what, asking a man this.  :-)

Then Jim Wrote:  I don't know why -- it is so improbable that a man might
know female
reproductive physiology and a woman be less informed?  Or vice versa?  Is
such knowledge sex related at all?  Jim Handsfield<<<<<<SNIP

Jim, low grade fevers aren't a symptom of Menopause.   Those of us who have
gone through menopause call that "momentary surge of warmth" HOT FLASHES!!!!
Experience a couple of those and all the men over 50 would be moving to

I believe any long term low grade fever warrants a physician's thorough
investigation and diagnosis. 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL

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