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[IP] No Problem!!

SNIP>>>>>Are there any people who don't have problems with the pump?
> Here I am about to start next week and I see all the problems and wonder
if it is
> worth it.  Afterall, it is very easy just to give your self a stick and
> Lurline<<<<<<SNIP

I have been on pump for 5 years, cannot imagine going back to awful MDI
days.  Never had a problem with MiniMed 507.   The pump has given me a
freedom I never could have imagined on injections.   The famous quote here,
from one of the Sensational Sara's (you will learn about them later) is
"I will never give up my pump until they pry it from my cold dead
fingers"!!!  That might give you some idea of how most of us feel about our
Go For It! 

Bonnie Richardson
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