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[IP] Blood when inserting Comfort

I have recently been trying out the Comfort infusion sets (I have used
Softsets for my 6 years as a pumper).

In 2 of the 4 times I have used the Comfort I have had blood when I remove
the needle.  I'm sure this will just take some practice, but I don't know if
I'm inserting too deep, too shallow, or is there some other reason?

I really like the ease of detatching, and inserting the Comfort is much
better for me than the Softset (I never had a Softserter -- actually I never
even heard of it before being on this list).  But, I don't want to keep
wasting sets, and I would prefer to minimize the number of times I have to
poke myself! :-)

Any hints from anyone using the Comfort/Tender/Sils?

Dan Bergan

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