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[IP] Lurline and Gary ?

Since starting here in June (?) I don't remember hearing complaints about 1 
pump over any other (until recently). I found customer service at MM to be 
excellent. Their 24 hr. line was especially helpful to me in the past. 
Machines are machines to me I guess - all have pros and cons. It isn't a real 
pancreas, but pretty close. 

I have a MM508 since starting in March. I'm not real good at programming and 
haven't found it difficult at all to operate. 508 comes with a remote, which 
is cool if you want to keep under clothes. It is neat being able to give 
yourself insulin when you need it. I had problems knowing when NPH insulin on 
shots would peak. I don't feel sites being put in by behind (bumm :) and will 
be trying ice on my stomach. Not worse than shots for me but challenging 
getting set primed and ready to go every 3 - 4 days...

Prior to pump I had serious lows. Many around the time I was pregnant 
required ER. Since pumping I haven't had any. The bg drops I had with NPH are 
gone. HA1cs are down below 6 and I am eating a lot and when I want to. Am 
able to control dawn phenomenon since pumping. I was one to have high am bg. 
unrelated to food. I can be much more active.

For me the hardest part is pump requires maintenance and lots of bg 
monitoring to make sure it's all working properly. Checking tubing etc. 
Because I have a young child I find this a challenge... but worth it. Most 
all problems I've had are related to my error.  I had my first pump need to 
be sent back. My bg didn't go (much) higher than 200 and came down with 
injections while waiting for a replacement. It was not the end of the world, 
though my parents drove me crazy until the replacement came the next morning.

Your reasons for liking or not will be diffent from mine... but like someone 
here said. You should try it!!!! And give it a few months to try!!! My 
initial experience was tough but I'm so glad I stuck with it.

Take care
Beth ( & Oscar)

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