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Re: [IP] Customer Service? Reliability?

On 12 Sep 2000, at 20:57, G. Nehls wrote:

> as I started looking into insulin pumps, "Which pump?", became the more
> nagging question -- MiniMed or Disetronics?  You're stuck with your
> choice for a long time, so I don't want to make a mistake.

And are we forgetting Animas?  That is one pump to NOT forget!
> I suspect getting used to the operation of an individual pump's buttons,
> etc., is just a matter of training and practice.  But, which company
> gives the best customer support, MiniMed or Disetronics? Is either pump
> more prone to problems or found to be difficult to use?  Please let me
> know if you have strong feelings on these issues.

Getting used to one program or type of buttons or operation may 
be easier for one pump over another.  You can be assured that ALL 
the companies want to give the best support possible.  You won't 
be able to tell the difference between them for any appreciable 
time.  I don't believe that any of the pumps is more "prone to 
problems", other than operator error.  Get the one that you don't 
commit as many "errors" with!   Strong feelings?  Yeah, you bet, 
pumping is 1000% better than that poison they call NPH!


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