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Re: [IP] low grade fevers


I am 23 in about two weeks ;)

I am not being agressive about it because my whole life has been "out of
the ordinary" when it comes to medical problems.  I've had those 8
bizillion tests before that they'll do again - and yes, I know, I will
go back next week to the doctor.

Things it could be:
1.  infection - BUT I have the immune system of a toad, so it would
highly unlikely for me to not develop other symptoms, plus I've had no
effect on my sugars
2.  hippothalamus (I have NO idea how to spell, I just remember vaguely
that it has something to do with your body's thermostat)
3.  hormones - but according to several sources, you should NOT have an
increase in body temp during a hot flash, menopausal or other
4.  something sinister - which I gotta say is highly unlikely
considering I am having no problems with fatigue or anything...

Sigh... just another one to keep my doctors on their toes!

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