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Sam Skopp wrote:
>Sam you are so right .
Even after 27 years of injections the sils are ,at first very
> In regaurd to soft sets, I've pretty much stoped using them because.
a. You really can not pinch up very well.
b. when I use the softserter to to inject I find it doesn't always go
all the way in.
At first, I figured it would push in on it's own after sleeping on
it,but that is probably where my kinking problem came from.
Plus it seems to be more painful trying to push a half inserted softset
into place than, just inserting the sils.
Last thought,unless you peel back the sticky wings on the soft-set you
really can not tell that it didn't inject all the way in.
So everyone who said sils were more comforable,for myself you were all

Sincerely Gordon Keys (anti social)

> I think part of it, for some people at least, may be psychological since
> the insertion needles do look pretty intimidating (
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