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Re: [IP] low grade fevers

Wow Susan,

I just had a TAG test done today for the exact same reason.  Low grade 
fever.  Mine has been going on for seven months now.  My doctor has done so 
many test and still nothing.  I've had blood test done that required going 
to the hospital.  I had a scan done on my stomach.  I've had more blood 
drawn.  Nothing.  The TAG test ( I will give it my best shot to explain 
).  I went in at 7:30 and they drew blood, lots of blood.  They sent the 
blood to some lab to have it mixed with some dye ( sorry can't remember the 
name ).  I went back at 11:00 they put the mixture back in me.  I then went 
back at 2:00 and they took pictures of my whole body.  The purpose is to 
see if my white blood cells are going after a certain area of my body.  It 
was totally painless and no side effects.  I hate saying this, but I am so 
damn sick of having this fever, I hope something positive comes back.  My 
doctor too said it could be allergies, but I don't have any other symptoms.

I am really sorry you are going through this, but somewhat relieved too.  I 
feel like I am losing my mind sometimes and get so sick of being sick.  <sigh>

>I feel fine!!!  Any ideas?
  No ideas but just wanted to share my experiences.

Most of the time I do feel fine, but it's just weird.


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