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At 03:26 PM 09/12/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Does the insertion of the cannula hurt that much?  Does it hurt more than
 >the insertion of the MiniMed glucose sensor?

I've never used the MM glucose sensor, but I've been using the Silhouettes 
(also known as Tenders or Comforts) for about 2-1/2 years now. I've never 
felt that I needed to numb it first. I'm not a masochist or pain 
insensitive either. <vbg> Occasionally I hit a sensitive spot, so I just 
move a fraction of an inch and try it again. I find that I can insert these 
things at a fairly shallow angle... someone once described the insertion 
angle like a airplane coming in for a landing. That's a pretty good 
description of the way I do it.

I think part of it, for some people at least, may be psychological since 
the insertion needles do look pretty intimidating (they've been described 
as hat pins). But, I personally don't find inserting them that much more 
uncomfortable than giving injections. However, this is just my viewpoint 
and as always everyone is different.


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