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[IP] low grade fevers

Howdy all, I disappeared for a few weeks, but am now back :)

I have an unusual symptom that I'd like to toss out - I have had a on
again off again low grade fever (99.1-100.1) for about a month now.

It started with a headache (back of the head, non-sinus) and came only
in the evenings that first week.  99.5-100.0
It then disappeared for a week.
Since then (about two weeks) I'll sometimes not have a fever for one or
two days, but inevitably I usually have one by nightfall.  In the
daytime I am usually 99.3, by evening closer to a hundred.  Today at 2
pm I was 100.1.  This is driving me nuts - I get uncomfortably hot,
sometimes clammy.

I recently had my thyroid checked (maybe more than 5 mos ago?).  The
doctor advised that it could be allergies, but honestly the fever seems
to have no correlation to when my allergies act up (and they haven't
even been that bad lately).  I obviously will go back soon, but I'm
curious.  I feel fine!!!  Any ideas?

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