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Re: [IP] Early am high followed by low

> I have a question to ask the group.  I have been having regular
> highs in the middle of the night.  I will test anywhere from 2 to
> 3:30 am and I have been regularly running in the high 200's to low
> 300's.  I will do an appropriate high sugar bolus and when I test
> again at 5:45 I will be in the 40 to 50's.  My question is should I
> have my basal increase start at 2 instead of 3 am.

Sounds like the first order of business is to get an accurate basal 
profile -- something is clearly off track now. Read the appropriate 
sections in Pumping Insulin about profiling, and/or the HOWTO pages 
of Insulin Pumpers -- about profiling. You might also find the basal 
rate simulator (also on the HOWTO page) helpful in adjusting the 
timing of your basal settings. Standard procedure is to discuss all 
this with your medical team as well before doing anything. :-)

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