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Re: [IP] Question re pumping while on a white water raft trip

 Could someone please give my husband some advice?  He is new to the pump and
 will be going white water rafting on the Deep Gorge River in Fayetteville,
 WV next Saturday and had some questions.  

Laurel, when I went whitewater rafting this summer it was my first experience 
with having the pump on and underwater for a while.  I always take it off 
during the shower and when I swim for an hour, but since the trip was for 
more than an hour I didn't feel comfortable just taking it off.  I have a 
Disetronic, so I just put the red tappet on and decreased my basal rate to 
80%.  The water here in Colorado was fairly tame at that time of year 
(August), which I didn't expect, so I had to adjust my basal rate back to 
90%, but this worked great for me.  I gave my boyfriend some glucose tabs and 
gel to keep in case I didn't see a reaction coming on and kept some stuff in 
my pockets as well.  It was a great experience for me--not only my first 
whitewater rafting trip but proof that they weren't kidding, my pump is 
waterproof!  I hope he has fun!
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