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Now listen, 
Y'all get your wallets out and donate!!!

One dollar a month is not going to hurt anyone.  If you have ever gotten
advice or suggestions that have helped you with diabetes/pumping care, put
your $12 in an envelope, put in on plastic or something....but donate to
keep this list going.

Sounds like the usual "80% use"/20% give" split to me. That is shameful.
HOWEVER, I am shameless when it comes to collecting money for a good cause.
I never considered myself a good cause before, but without the support and
wisdom of this list, I probably would not have Aics at 5.7 - 6.2 for over a
year like I have.  I need all of you to contribute.  NOW!!!  

If anyone is really so broke, and admittedly I have been there before, just
let me know and I will donate in your name.   Now I am a long way from
wealthy, but I could handle a few $12 donations.   I live my life with my
neck just above water....ya know what I mean?  But this list is so valuable
to my life and has been for 4 years that I cannot Not contribute.   so JUST
DO IT!!!

Bonnie Richardson

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