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[IP] ip needs u

having made my measely annual contribution to IP, and having been publically 
thanked...(and NO it was NOT the $1000 just referenced....) I just want you 
all to think about it for a second...oh, not you 300 or so who have already 
donated....but the other 2200 or so of you...

If you can....(and if you can't no one will think less of you)...take 5 
minutes and write Michael a check....or use the credit card option on the web 
site and save a trip to the post office!  My contribution is minor compared 
to some, I know, but in the end every little bit helps...A carton of 
cigarettes costs more than my donation...I guess to put it into a value I can 
understand, as I don't smoke would be 10 pints of ben and jerry's is about 
what the actual VALUE of my donation was.  God knows I don't NEED the Ben and 
Jerrys, but I DO most emphatically need this list!!!

Just another thought...no pressure...if you don't want to, you don't HAVE to, 
and no one will think any less of you...i mean, I NEVER buy those band 
chocolate bars, but do you hate me???  hmmm on second thought...don't answer 

Sara SP
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