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Re: [IP] mini-vacations

Something my endo does for me, and I take on all my adventures, is 
prescriptions for all the meds I use, and for syringes, ultralente and 
humalog vials if I have to go off the pump.  He signs them, but doesn't date 
them, so I can use them on whatever trip I go on.  Also, good documentation 
if I get stopped or questioned by security.

I agree with all the other comments to your message.  When I travel overseas, 
I always take my extra MM507C.

Another thing I do, if you are near a 'puter, you can still sign in and go to 
a chat room if you have a question, and also, the MM folks are up all night 
and I have called them when I'm on vacation and can't figure something out.  
They have always been very helpful.

It also get's easier the more you travel with your pump!  Have fun and enjoy!

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