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[IP] a1c and complications and life in general

as they say "the pursuit of perfection is a waste of time, while the pursuit 
of excellence is always admirable..." or something like that....The ONLY way 
to avoid diabetic complications is to...uh...NOT have diabetes.  Even if you 
have PERFECT numbers (during those 10 minutes of each day that you are 
checking), you STILL cannot guarantee you wont get them!!!  It is luck of the 
dice, or god or karma or whatever you believe in, and while complicatins are 
certainly exacerbated or worsened by consistently higher bg, genetics also 
plays a HUGE role!!!

Besides, who is to say you aren't gonna get run over tomorrow by a crazed 
taxi driver, cutting short what could have been a long and complication free 
life due to never having an A1c over 6.0?  Would the constant 24/7 vigilance 
of the monitoring required to maintain a consistent bg under 140, not to 
mention the mental focus and physical commitment of time, energy and 
materials required REALLY have been worth it?  Wouldn't it have been better 
to have a LIFE???  work a job, have some friends BESIDES your meter and pump, 
maybe eat ice cream once in a while..or have some of Jan's fudge??? 

I personally don't think the regime necessary to maintain sub 6 A1Cs is a 
realistic goal for MOST people, myself included.  Setting up such 
ridiculously low standards insures failure...And trust me I do not conisder 
myself a failure for maintaining A1cs between 6.8 and 7.4!  

If you (the universal "you") think otherwise, that is JUST fine, but I am a 
person who likes to live FIRST and be a "diabetic" second.  I may die WITH 
complications, (well, I WILL die with complications, I guess) but I am not 
gonna die an insulin-holic nut case who didn't have a LIFE and never 
experienced Ben and Jerry nirvana simply because I was scared it might raise 
my bg, or because my doctor didn't advise me it was OK.

Details are important, yes, Excellence is wonderful, but tunnel vision can be 

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